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Mission Statement for UMA Athletics:

To encourage individual excellence through use of a holistic approach to student-athlete development.  

Vision Statement:

The University of Maine at Augusta Athletic department is committed to creating positive leaders and citizens through a focus on personal growth opportunities, academic excellence, wellness initiatives, and community outreach. While focusing on our commitment, our department will strive to provide opportunities through program growth and development. Through use of our seven core values including family, academic focus, integrity, service, inclusion, sportsmanship, and accountability; UMA student-athletes will develop life skills that will help aid in their future personal and professional success after graduation.

Core Values:

Family- The Moose family serves as a support system for all those involved.  Through creating family mentality, we are able to engage students, staff, faculty, and community members within our program.  This allows us to navigate challenges, share in achievements, and facilitate a life-long connection to UMA Athletics.

Academic focus- UMA Athletics promotes a student-first mindset and facilitates a positive balance between academics and athletics.   Athletics staff helps bridge any gaps between students and their academic success by serving as guide; connecting them with student support services and fostering opportunities for growth through education.  

Integrity-  The Moose family will set an expectation of honesty, discipline and courage on the court, in the classroom and in the community.  The department will set standards that encourage each individual to do what is right in all circumstances.

Service-  UMA Athletics desires to give back to the communities that offer opportunities to our student athletes.  Student-athletes will have the opportunity to understand how giving their time and ability is a benefit that has lasting effects for them as well as those in need.  We encourage student-athletes to come together as a team or a department to reach out as the Moose family.

Inclusion- Focus on creating an environment that recognizes and appreciates the talents, skills, perspectives, and diversity of every student-athlete and use those skills to reach educational and organizational goals as an athletic department.

Sportsmanship- UMA is committed to establishing a positive competitive environment for our athletes and fans. It's our responsibility to be fully accountable at every level as we support student success. As representatives of UMA, we expect our athletes, coaches, and staff to uphold our commitment to sportsmanship by creating an atmosphere of respect. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

Accountability- Through use of expectations and standards, the UMA Athletic department will help to hold all those involved accountable to the personal, professional, academic, and athletic standards deemed acceptable.